We All Have Choices For Getting Traffic And Mastering Follow Up

We are rapidly approaching one of the busiest times of the year for our Now Lifestyle business so I suggest you go for it over the next few months!

You have choices.
You need to get traffic, yep eyeballs on your ads; and you need to master following up with your leads and new team members.
–  if you have no one to follow up you need to go find some as you will not have the opportunity to master follow up which is the core skill needed for any business.
For those that are brand new to online marketing I suggest you login to your Now Lifestyle account and purchase the minimum amount at a time for the paid Facebook leads.
– $25 for 10 leads.
If you have a healthy budget then the GPS (Guaranteed Paid Signups) are awesome.
$200 for 5, I suggest purchasing the minimum once a month, again so you can practise following up and building relationships.
MLM Leads on auto pilot $50 for 50 clicks
Udimi $80 for 200 views but this varies.
When you are feeling confident with follow up then I do highly recommend Igor
$600 for 500  Click here to check him out but be prepared to receive 50+ leads a day as I usually get 50% optin when I promote here.
The Now Lifestyle link I am currently promoting is the Coaching Funnel, get excited.
If you login to your Team2Proit site and go to step 4, Janet Legere has done some awesome training on getting both free and paid traffic.
Together we can all do this!
Give me a shout out if you need any help.
Twitter CharltonBennett
Mobile (UK) +447930527797
PS Yep I got my 10k badge, never realised a badge could mean so much to me 🙂
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One Reply to “We All Have Choices For Getting Traffic And Mastering Follow Up”

  1. This is really awesome Maureen. Please give me info about GPS guarantee paid sign ups. If someone purchase GPS, this means that he will get paid commission every months, am I right ?
    If I am paying $50 every month’s, that means I will get commission $25 every month for every GPS purchase. If I purchase 10 GPS, I will get commission $250 every month. Am I right ?