Getting Started With Your Online Business

Whatever your business there are three tasks you need to do each and every day:

  1.  Get traffic
  2.  Follow up
  3.  Engage and have fun

1. Get Traffic

Get traffic simply means getting eyeballs to your ads to ensure people know your open for business; whatever business you are in it is all about YOU i.e. lets say you had a business providing a service and/or product and millions of other people are offering a similar thing, ask yourself the question why would they do business with you and not one of the other millions?

Also what is worth considering is, if you promote you and brand you, then if your product or service change it becomes irrelevant as people know you and it is you they want to build a business relationship with.  No one can predict the future and not even you know for certain if you will be in the same business in twenty years time.

The marketing methods available online are numerous.  You have a choice of both paid and/or free advertising.  My suggestion is you test any new advertising in the free methods first to judge its success before you get your wallet out.

When you have decided what advertising method you are going to use i.e. social media, banner advertising, viral mailer campaigns, text ads; what is the next step?

What do you want people to do when they see your ad?

Your main aim should be to collect the email addresses of people that like your ad and are interested in further information about what you have to offer.  The aim is to build your list.

To collect peoples email addresses you use a tool called an auto responder.  For example I use my auto responder tool to send an email to over 4000+ each and every day; this takes me seconds and I can schedule ahead, which means I am not sat at my computer each and every day as once its all set up it works on auto pilot 🙂

Click here to check out my auto responder tool:  Sendshark.  You can have up to 20k subscribers to your list for as little as $25 a month.

2. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up

Mastering follow up is vital in any business, both offline and online.

I suggest when you are building your business with someone new, you don’t try and sell but instead tell.  No one likes being sold to. Tell your story i.e. why did you chose to start a business, a bit about your history and/or the product and/or service that you are offering.  The main purpose is to build a relationship and get to know your audience.

It can take at least ten emails for a person to respond and it might take 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months, even 6 years…….  that’s the advantage of having the auto responder tool mentioned above as its all done on auto pilot.

Some ideas of what to send people are some free tips, free videos, links to updates to your blog post or website, whats new and your success stories.

3. Engage and have fun!

Yep working online is fun.  I frequently have live chats with people using free communicating tools like conferencing software and or Facebook if we are connected as friends.  Reaching out to someone is the first step with starting a relationship.

Thank you for reading my blog I hope it gave you something of value?  It would be great if you can spare the time to leave a comment with some feedback.

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