Getting started with TCP (The Conversion Pros)

Get started fast. You only need x2 people to join under you and your over heads are covered.

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Watch the video of an overview of TCP

Join the two Facebook groups

One is for the latest trainings and another is for members who wish to earn an income.

Be sure to download the free app on your mobile. You will receive an alert every time someone joins your team.

Once you are all set up your next step is to grab your links and get eyeballs on them. Inside your back office at TCP you can purchase leads; as an alternative you can use free marketing methods i.e. social media. There are loads of free trainings on various marketing methods inside your TCP back office.

Once you have leads coming into your TCP business you need to follow up. This is a crucial step with you building your business. Phone them, WhatsApp is free or have a live chat using Facebook. Send them a text. Simply ask how you can help them.

Engage and have fun.

Get creative. Start with creating your business card.

If you click the link below you will see my business card as an example.

Lets connect.

If you need further help give me a shout out or alternatively post to the Facebook groups mentioned above.

So lets get started: