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The purpose of this page is to share emails that you can swipe i.e. copy and share to your list using your auto responder. Be sure to change it a little and test that your links work.

This is an email I shared today using my auto responder in my back office at Now Lifestyle to send to 4,000+ within minutes.

29th April 2019


%%SubscriberFirstName%% Lets make your Monday Magical

Email content:


Hope you had an awesome weekend?

Today I wanted to start the week off with sharing an article:

How Far Can Your Dreams Take You?


Imagination and motivation are powerful things,

and with them on your side, you have all the reason in

the world to achieve your grandest dreams.

They are limited only by the power of your imagination  and the strength of your desire.

Click the link and/or the image above to read more ……..

Don’t let anyone stop you from making your dreams a reality.

Have a magical Monday.



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