Know Your Goals – Have A Plan And Execute It

It’s the beginning of a new month and that’s when I revisit my goals, put in place a plan, and check my daily activities.

So my goal this month is I want to make at least $500+

Now, if I have money to invest, thank’s to Janet Legere, I know my costs to do this:

For example, I could pay for x4 separate solo ads with Udimi (traffic purchased 900 clicks ).

( Please click here to watch the training Janet Legere did with Udimi and solo ads)

This could result in 600 subscribers, 127 free member leads (21%)

I might receive around 16 upgraded members (12.5%), in Now Lifestyle

These 16 upgrades could net me $400 a month or more.  So my investment of $520 could potentially generate me $400 a month.

nb Results may not be typical and your results may differ.  The above should give you some idea of how it could work.

And personally I always do free traffic as well as a paid solo ad each month if my budget allows.

Please watch the training Janet Legere did on this.  Click Here

For free traffic I use : Banner ads that I create using Fugly for free; TE’s (Traffic Exchanges) where I create squeeze page using Instant Splash for free.  I also promote my ads in  Text Ads and  Viral Mailers.

For viral mailers I make use of two tools:  Viral Mail Profits and Referral Frenzy.  These tools both save me time and we all know time is a commodity one never gets back again.

All the above helps to build my list by collecting peoples email addresses using the auto responder in Now Lifestyle.

Each day I send out at least one broadcast message to my subscribers, which at the time of writing this blog post is over 2,000+

Personally I know that, depending on what LCP (lead capture page) I am promoting, and which banner ads I am promoting, to get one person to join my business I need at least 3,000+ unique hits, when using free traffic.  I know this because I track my results using Hits Connect for free and Itsylinx.  Now Lifestyle also tells me how many unique hits I have had each day.

Going forward for April I intend on doing more videos and web conferencing calls – so watch this space 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog post – and I really would appreciate you taking the time out to leave a comment?


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PS Well worth checking out this document that highlights what you get in Now Lifestyle 

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4 Replies to “Know Your Goals – Have A Plan And Execute It”

  1. This is a GREAT way to start the month, setting real goals and knowing what you need to do to reach them.

    Well done, Maureen! Your leadership continues to shine!

    • I’m fortunate enough to have a leader that sets a great example with leading by example Janet
      – love your trainings, you share so much 🙂 Thank you and very much appreciated !

    • Thank you Bonnie – love your posts that you do in Facebook, very motivating 🙂