So What Is Nerd Surfing?

Nerd Surfing is where you get more for each click., when you surf certain sites at the same time.

First you join Click Track Profit, this  is like the mother of the nerd surfing sites.  It’s the hub, so to speak.

Then you join:

Sweeva, where you surf 10 a day to get your rewards




Top Flight Traffic

  • I frequently earn some pennies at Top Flight Traffic, my ads get seen and the site owner is extremely proactive; Top Flight Traffic takes part in the TE Command Post promotions i.e. double credits on a Sunday

Surf Skeleton

  • Proactive site owner who takes part in many promotions so surfers have an opportunity to earn some extra pennies.


  • Remember to claim your rewards for surfing

Legacy Hits

  • Participates in promotions with Cash surfing network, Legacy Results and if you surf on certain days with Socialadsurf and ninjasurf you get even more rewards.

TE Racing League

  • unsure whats going on with this site, will update this blog post when I know more

Top Hits4u

  • great offers when you log in










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