Training Webinar Diary

Maureen Charlton’s Training Webinar Diary

Let’s face it, the internet is becoming a little noisy with live training webinars and one has to be choosy where they spend that time.

Personally I try and attend and/or watch at least three trainings a week

– I like to know what is going on in the online marketing world, and be ahead of the game with new things.

Watch out for my next post on how to get the most from attending training webinars.  A few tips always helps 🙂


Recruiting webinar with Now Lifestyle, CEO Joel Therien 9AM PACIFIC, 11AM CENTRAL, 12PM EASTERN

Click Here.

Joel offers a live training webinar every week day.


Tuesday is the day that Rob Gehring has a live webinar on his site Traffic Leads 2 Income.

Rob frequently records these and all those that attend live, or watch the recording, get some free advertising credits.

Rob has over 19 years experiencing with marketing online so the knowledge he shares is always extremely valuable.

Traffic Leads 2 Income is a great site to promote your ads using a viral mailer, and I get some great results from my ads advertised at this site.


Wednesday’s are usually referred to as hump days as they are mid week and its frequently quieter than usual.

Personally I like to take Wednesdays off, yep away from my computer altogether.  However I still get my ads out by using Referral Frenzy as a tool to schedule my viral mailers on auto pilot.

Janet Legere has a live training every Wednesday.  The subject is different every week; and I personally think the webinars are so awesome.

I especially love it when Janet chooses a motivational topic and goes through the logic and stats you need to build your business.  I’m personally rubbish when it comes to figures so I leave it to Janet to work it out and advise me.

Janet has over 19+ years experience with online marketing and her passion comes across strongly and her speciality is Janet says it how it is and keeps it simple.

Check out the Team2Profit site and register for the training.  Everyone is welcome.  The Team2Profit site is free to join 🙂

Click here.

MLSP (My Lead System Pro).

My Leads System Pro Free Training Webinar

Absolutely tonnes of training at this site and in particular I love the contact management database, I use this regularly every single day.

The topics for the Wednesday webinar change each week and again these are recorded and providing you have registered you should receive an email with the link; this is just as well as for me they are mostly 2am UK time.


Janet Legere frequently offers training relating to having an online business and motivation.

Although these live webinars are focused around Now Lifestyle the topics Janet shares relate to any online business.

Janet also has a free subscription site called Team2Profit;  everyone is welcome to join for free.

The free subscription site has all the past recordings that Janet has done.  Well worth joining !!!




Marci Jones at Affiliate Funnel. Topic changes every week.

 All that attend get rewarded with some free goodies.  I have been attending these live webinars since 2013 and every time I learn something new.  Great for beginners new to online marketing.



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