Banner Advertising. Where To Get Eyeballs On Them – Day 1

Where To Get Eyeballs On Your Banner Ads.

Remember when you create your own banner ad it becomes unique to you, also if you pop in a pic of yourself you get your face seen!

It’s good to be different and to brand yourself as much as possible.  Your online business is about you getting seen.

A free place to start creating your own banner ads is FuglyBanners , so have some fun !!!  You can create your banner ad within minutes 🙂  When you join do remember to fill in the downline builder at FuglyBanners.

Here is an example of a banner ad I created in FuglyBanners and then I used to track my ad so then I could focus on where I was getting the best results.

HitsConnect is another good little tracker tool and as a free member there you can add ten sites to track.

Listed below are some places to get your banner ads seen:

SOTAM (State Of The Art Mailer)

Email Marketing Evolved!

Profit From Free Ads

(Here when you join as a free member I will give you some free advertising to get you started )

Free Advertising For You

VBAC (Viral Banner Ad Coop)

Bob (Bucket of Banners)

Banner ads work but it takes time.  You need like 10,000+ views to get one click in my experience.  All you do is pop in your banner ads and forget about them, great if you are going to be away from your computer for a while.

Hope the above gives you a start with banner advertising 🙂

Give me a shout out if you have any questions or need further help.



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