Launching A New Product: Action Plan By Maureen Charlton

Now Lifestyle are launching their latest product today:

Auto Responder that lets one have 50k subscribers for $25 a month.

nb For members that are already upgraded in Now Lifestyle and are paying $50 a month this will be included i.e. no extra costs for using the auto responder 🙂 and laters you get the conferencing tool, again for no extra, when its launched.

So I need an action plan…….

  1.  Create my own unique url using Itsy Linx; this will also let me track my results and highlight what is working and what is not.  I will then be able to focus on where to spend my time and things that are not working I will simply rinse and repeat.
  2.  Create my own unique banners using Fugly
  3.  Create my text link and test it in 1TAE
  4.  Make sure I have my follow up all set up in my Now Lifestyle back office
  5. Create my own email with different subjects
  6. Send out my email using Viral Mail Profits
  7. Schedule my email to go out on auto pilot for the next few days using Referral Frenzy
  8. Engage with solo ad providers to see if their audience is right for the auto responder tool
  9. Post to social media i.e. Sokule, Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  10. Create a video
  11. Write a Blog Post
  12. Send a broadcast to my lists
  13. Engage with my current team members to see if they need any help with promoting the auto responder tool
  14. Create and/or use squeeze page in TE’s  (Traffic Exchanges)


Hope you find the above useful? Should you have any questions then just give me a shout out !

And, if you have some suggestions that I should add to this list I would love to hear them 🙂



Maureen E Charlton
Maureen E Charlton

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