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Are you prepared for things that occur outside your control ❓🌪️🥶⚠️

We have a weather warning out and the wind is crazy, along with lots of flooding.

I need to get prepared for things like this as they are out of my control so what I do is:

I do the usual things like:

  1. Charge up my mobile
  2. Charge up my laptop
  3. Ensure I have a torch handy and wood for the log burner
  4. Have a flask of soup

In addition to the above I use a use a marketing tool:  Referral Frenzy

  1.  I schedule my viral mailers to go out on autopilot every four hours

  2.  I set up my banner ads

  3.  I set up my text ads

  4.  I ensure all my TE’s have credits assigned

I use this tool when I wish to take some time out too!

I need people to see my promotions, even when I am offline.

Click here to take a peek and check out Referral Frenzy.

If you wish to watch a short video where I share the benefits of being a paid member at Referral Frenzy click the image below:

Any questions give me a shout out.

~ Rgds Maureen

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Maureen Charlton

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