Get creative with banner ads

Most people forget about banner ads yet they are pretty awesome, once set up you can forget it!

Great for people who are short on time

In canva, as a free member you can create a banner quickly.

Here is one I created today:

The size of this banner is: 468 x 60 and is sometimes referred to as a long banner.

NB Some sites like http and some like https in the links so be sure to test

When the above banner is clicked it takes one to the following page:

Now I am off to create another banner of a different size.

I am going to go to and as a free member there I am going to create a banner of a different size.

The size is: 125 x 125 and is sometimes referred to as a button banner.

Now you have created your banner ads you need to go and share them.

Watch out for my list where you can promote your banner ads.

Give me a shout out if you need any help.



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