Pity party or perfect day? It’s your choice

Yep it’s your choice whether you are going to have a pity party or a perfect day.

Personally I prefer to aim for a perfect day so I start my day with:

  1.  Attitude of gratitude
  2.  Affirmations

Then a bit of mindfulness, after which I hit my business with getting my ads out.

  1.  Little bit of social media i.e.facebook
  2.  Viral mailer campaigns using Referral Frenzy to schedule ahead then Viral Mail Profits to send some out in real time
  3. Little bit of banner ads and text ads
  4. If my budget allows I make use of a paid solo ad
  5. If I have some spare time then I surf the TE’s (Traffic Exchanges).

Lastly I like to get in a bit of exercise which I do at home and/or walk my Layla along the beach.

What does your perfect day look like?

If you need any help with the above give me a shout out.

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Stay safe and strong.

~ Maureen

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