What ever business you have online you need eyeballs.

Consistently you need to do x3 things every day:

  1. Promote your links
  2. Follow up with people who have shown an interest in what you are offering
  3. Engage and have fun

So the first thing one needs to do is create a page (a new one each week is a good idea), the page you create captures peoples email address which goes to your auto responder so then you can email the people on auto pilot with tips etc

To create my pages I use TCP (The Conversion Pros) and for my auto responder tool I use Sendshark.

To get those eyeballs I promote my links for free using social media, viral mailers, text ads, banner ads etc

To get those eyeballs I also do paid traffic and this week I joined list leverage and so far I am well impressed; the main reason being when someone clicks on my link I earn some good old fashion cash 🙂 (I luvs that)

Give me a shout out if you need any help with moving your business forward

Have an awesome Saturday!!!



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