How Do You Start Your Day?

Personally I start my day with a few cups of coffee, a few attitude of gratitude and affirmations to get my mindset in the right place.

I then do my ten a day in Sweeva and ensure I have an ad running there.

Following doing my ten a day in Sweeva off I go and open up Viral Traffic Games to see where the action is that day.

I also click on a few ads in SOTAM, Traffic Swirl, TrafficG, Mega-50 and Free Advertising for you and Responsive Mail Marketing.

The above doesnt take me long before going forward with getting my ads out using viral mailer campaigns.

For viral mailer campaigns I use two tools: Referral Frenzy to schedule ahead so they go out on auto pilot and Viral Mail Profits to post in real time.

My morning is done now so I take a couple of hours out to do some off line chores.

Hope the above gives you some ideas



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