What Actions Are You Taking To Promote Your Business Today?

We all know that whatever business you have, be it online or offline you need to do x3 things consistently each and every day.

These are:

  1. Get eyeballs to your ads
  2. Follow up with those who have shown an interest
  3. Engage and have fun

So what did you do today to promote your business?

Personally I did the following:

  • I sent out email campaigns offering to help people to move their business forward and I offered them an opportunity to have tools for their current business and all the training that they need; and yep without getting their wallet out


BUT I went one step further and didn’t just promote my link, I set up a team rotator and offered to promote their link for free, once they are setup BUT I also test it for them 🙂

If you need any help with the above give me a shout out.



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