My Story: Maureen Charlton

My Story:  Maureen Charlton

A little about me:

I live in the UK with my dog Layla. I have three grown children

and two grand children but they don’t live close so I rarely

see them; however these days with technology its much easier to 

keep in touch.

My hobbies include gardening, yoga, watching a good film and swimming.  

Walking along the beach with Layla.

When did I start getting interested in working online:

I have been working online since 2013, more as a hobby than

a business at the beginning; as I started earning a little at multiple sites

it kind of encouraged me to pursue it and take it more 


My journey:

Like life I have found, from my own personal experience, having an 

online business is a journey and for each and everyone of us it is 

different as we are all unique and special in our own way so we 

make different choices.

One of the best choices I made was:  Joining Now Lifestyle.

I joined Now Lifestyle originally for the personal fitness plan

which was unique to me and I had the option to structure it to

my lifestyle and I could do it in my own home or at a gym, at my

own pace, in my own time with no pressure.

7.5 minutes x3 times a week; that suited me.

End of July 2017 is when I started with Now Lifestyle and

seriously for the first three months I did absolutely zero. I did

a little something though i.e. using free traffic like banner ads, text ads and

viral mailer campaigns; I was comfortable with those tasks and

I had fun doing them.

Then something happened with Now Lifestyle.  

For doing very little compared to what I had to do to earn that amount

at a number of sites I saw $80 in my commissions at Now Lifestyle.  

Oh boy did that make me smile; not just smile I felt like I had won the

lottery.  I had been homeless for a couple of years prior to Now Lifestyle

and struggled to get work.  Emotionally broken but I now had hope.

I had no list to talk of and I struggled with putting myself out there

so to speak; I didn’t even like saying hello in a chat room, and when

it comes to technology I am not a natural, I have to work at it i.e.

the learning curve can be tough.

It doesn’t have to be tough though……  Personally I think I over 

complicated things.

All one has to do is:  have a goal and a plan and execute a daily

task routine consistently every day.

AND whatever your business is online we all have to do three


  1.  Get traffic
  2.  Follow up
  3.  Engage and have fun

So my original goal was to earn $500 a month at Now Lifestyle and as I had no

money to invest I had to work my butt off.  Then whatever I made

I had to put it back into my business as an investment.  This meant

doing paid advertising like what Joel offers us and/or solo ads.

So off I went …….. and yep I got my goal of $500 a month and a

little more than that.

However my goal has now changed to $10k+ a month so my plan

has changed and my daily action routine has changed. Things

always change when your working online and with Joel its always 

for the better.

Going forward

  1.  Biggest challenge is actually getting people on a live call
  2.  Mindset
  3.  Looking forward to meeting more wonderful, like minded awesome people
  4.  I take the fibre and protein but I so want to get into the exercise routine

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